The Kicks You Wear, Vol. 153 — Yeezy everywhere

Yeezy x GAP is finally here.

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You get Yeezy! And you get Yeezy!

(Photo by Simon Champagne on Unsplash)

Kanye West has been talking about making Yeezy a worldwide brand available to everyone for years. He got the worldwide part down early.

Now we’ll see how the “for everybody” works. Yeezy x GAP is finally coming very very soon. Gap CEO Sonia Syngal said the collab is a “work in progress” and gave a six month range in which it could drop between Q2 and Q3.

Earlier this week a report from Business of Fashion said the collection was slated for June.

A quick look at the gear also floated around the internet.

The details:

  • This is essentially Yeezy gear available at non-premium prices. Hoodies, jackets, shirts, jeans, boots and, yes, even the Foam Runers.

  • As far as specifics, Syngal didn’t get into much on the call but did say that they’d have more to share in the next few months.

This has a chance to be a really big deal. Not only does it give Kanye West and the Yeezy brand a chance to become the “McDonalds of apparel” as he wants, but it also stands to resurrect GAP.

Last year when the partnership was announced GAP’s stock surged up by 42%. They’re going to see another big win of that nature here when the collection finally drops. That’s a big deal.

Will it hurt Yeezy’s resale value? In some cases, maybe? Particularly if there are more foam runners available for people. But, by and large, the brand will still carry a fair amount of hype.

We don’t know how this stuff will come or what sort of staying power it will have when it gets here. Regardless, though, this is a pretty big partnership for both sides with a lot riding on it.

All I ask is that we please make sure those hoodies have pockets. Please.

That Bok deal is coming

(Photo by LexScope on Unsplash)

It seems like Reebok is going to be on the move soon — we just don’t know where.

But the offers are coming in for Adidas. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen three, according to the New York Post.

  • Nine West and Frye reportedly offered “around $1 billion” for Reebok.

  • That followed Authentic Brands Group and Wolverine World Wide’s bid that was reported as “slightly more than $1 billion.”

  • And Apollo Global Management made a non-binding offer for Reebok last week as well.

There are suitors. But the company still remains in Adidas’ hands. Your best guess as to why is just as good as mine, but when you look at what Adidas purchased Reebok for in 2006 it isn’t even close to some of the offers they’re getting for it.

  • Adidas bought Reebok for $3.8 billion. None of the reported offers we’ve seen come through have been more than around $1 billion. That’s a $2.8 billion loss.

No one wants to eat that sort of an L, obviously — even multi-billion dollar outfits like Adidas. They’re probably holding out and trying to build the brand’s value up a bit more before they sell.

They shouldn’t hold their breath.

  • I’m very high on Reebok. It has a phenomenal history along with big names like Kerby Jean-Raymond, Cardi B and more.

  • But the fact of the matter is the pandemic set the brand way back. And whoever purchases it has to dig them out of that hole.

We’ll see how it plays out. But this might be the best the market has to offer.

Dear Summer

We’ve got a semi-official timeline for Virgil Abloh’s “The 20” Dunk collection. Or is it “The 50”….? I’m unsure at this point.

What we do know is Virgil has a bunch of Dunks coming and, apparently, they’re coming this summer.

Abloh shared a post on Instagram showcasing the box and, in the caption, he revealed that the collection name is actually “Dear Summer.” Of course, it’s coming this summer.

A post shared by @virgilabloh

First of all, this box, fam.

  • It looks like an 8-year-old’s science fair project. I mean, that swoosh? Come on bro. Also, is that electric tape on the side? Virgil, my guy, WYD?

At least we have a date, though. And we’ll finally get to see what these things look like in the coming months. Hopefully, they’re much better than the leaks we’ve seen.

So THIS is where all of the Ice White AF1’s went?

Today in “why are resellers like this?” here are all the pairs of white on white Air Force 1 lows that you’ve been looking for.

No wonder you can’t find them. You’ve got to hit this dude up for em.

Yeah, man. This feels like an amazing time to retire from sneakers. Why stress over white Air Force 1’s when you could collect box tops or something? Chess over checkers, fam.



The homie Tim kicked us off with these absolutely phenomenal Forces.

Then my guy Garrett came through in the Shadow 2.0’s. These are so sick dude.

The homie Janelle came through fly as hell in these AJ1 mids. Man, every week y’all have me on the brink of copping some of these.

Then the homie Kendrew came through with the Air Max Light 2’s. BRUH. These are torch.

My guy Ketch popped out in the Flints and my man is STUNTING on us.

The homie Reeta popped out in these Easter joints and MAN these are hard.

Then the homie Adrian popped out showing more Dunk love in his very own Co.JP custom.

The Kicks Fam homies Sumeet and Mags got together for some hoop in the HOF Kobe’s and the Street Hawkers. Man. All the heat.

My guy Matt absolutely SMOKES these 990’s. SHEEEEESH.

My dog Trey popped out in the Enflames. These joints are NOICE on foot, fam.

The homie Treena popped out in these SICK Acronym Vapormaxes. Joints is slept on.

And then the homie Alicia absolutely shut it DOWN in these Silver Toe AJ1’s. SHEEEEESH.

SMOKED THAT. Good stuff, family. Gooood stuff.

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